“I am constantly exploring aspects of self-discovery and be-ing. From this space I celebrate and share the practice. We are one consciousness in motion.” Pablo Lucero

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Pablo emanates a down-to-earth, grounding energy that speaks to realizing yourself, to serve. His creative artistry and poetry inspires curiosity about our space within.  His teachings illuminate alignment and inner strength allowing a functional approach to poses, offering a hearty mix of Anusara, Vinyasa Yoga and Functional Movement with surprising degree of personal attention to large groups.

At the impressionable age of 18 Pablo Lucero discovered meditation and shortly thereafter found the practice of Yoga. With over 8 years of teaching, Pablo has refined the art of making the ancient practice of Yoga accessible to all. He implements cutting-edge methodology based on his studies of Biomechanics & Functional Movement.  He leads workshops, conferences, memorable Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings Certifications locally and internationally.