Roberta Fernandez

"My experience at the our retreat was INSPIRING and HEARTOPENING. I felt at peace from the moment I arrived.  As we got deeper into the experience I only felt better and more focused.  Everything flowed in perfect harmony, the hikes, yoga classes, meals and insightful talks. Over all I rate this experience 10 out of 10 and I highly recommend it."


"Pablo is by far one of the most phenomenal yoga instructors. His classes challenge me to bring strength, awareness, mindfulness, and practicality to the practice. He is very detailed oriented and observant, so he is able to explain body alignment much better than most. This is a rarity in yoga classes today. He also incorporates meditation into his classes, helping students get clear and grounded at the beginning of class and focus on getting stronger when they feel weak. Pablo has personally helped me get stronger, improve my form, and learn how to get the most out of each  of my yoga classes. His dedication to teaching yoga and helping each student enjoy it as much as he does is evident and makes him a very unique and effective instructor."

Christine Michelle Renella

"Pablo Lucero make me proud to call him my teacher, mentor and friend. His light shines bright enough to bring vision and peace to even those most skeptical among us. Peace love and kindness are only a few of the qualities that speak to his true character."

Deborah Reyes

"This retreat changed me as a person.  I learned how to set up boundaries, how to pay attention to my body, how to nurture and respect the soul with food and meditation. I learned to practice yoga off the mat. The food was amazing, the hiking views of Colorado were breath taking. There is nothing more beautiful than to hear the wind around you and to smile at nature and be thankful for it."

Jelitza Balcazar

"Pablo's devotion in helping me accomplish posses that had never before been available to me in many years of practice, and yet, in just 2 hours, I was there! I saw myself holding crow for the first time. Needless to say, my satisfaction does not come just from holding crow, but from being able to go right into various posses by just taking myself mentally to that very moment where his precise mental cues gave me the recipe to build them, he taught everything I need to know to progress in my practice."


"Pablo's presentation on relaxation tools and techniques at our yearly corporate retreat was excellent. Our partners, team and staff mentioned how it was much needed to build in relaxation and meditation into their daily routine. A few of them mentioned how relaxed they felt after the session and how they're going to spread the word in their offices. Others mentioned how they liked your direction and breathing techniques."

Nayade Bravo

"I met with Pablo on a one-on-one for the Yoga of Business session. I cannot think of somebody more transparent, kind and creative than him to guide me in a moment of transition. It is exciting to know that our community of teachers starting our can count on experienced teachers like him! I left the session with a clear view on what I want, a plan, and goals. I’m very excited about what is yet to come."

Alexandra Pre

"First of all thank you for an amazing one on one class you gave me. You took me to another level within my self and in peace that I felt I lost. I strongly believe the one on ones are important to get a sense of each pose, be corrected, and understand the pose. I really liked the steps we took to open my shoulders in order to bind, things that I never learned before, that step before the pose, preparing the body before the pose. The awakening of hot yoga to yoga is completly a challenge, I feel like I am back to square one, walking to the unknown and only to get it right. I really enjoy your energy, your way of teaching. I really want to further my yoga, and to make it a part of my life, and meditation, and I know I came to the right person, so thank you Pablo!!"

Crystal Long

"Pablo Lucero supported me to access my core strength so that I could master holding inversions such as handstand.  He helped me recognize my where my energy was stuck and where I needed to work through my emotional issues.  I now feel so incredibly clear and light! se. Pablo possesses great insight and serves as a catalyst to bring about transformation in those who are willing to do the work."

Jacqualine Ploettner

"I feel that it gets easier to totally relax each time we meet. The last session we had, was especially calming for me. I usually go for acupuncture twice a month, sometimes weekly – depending on my stress levels, but I feel that meditation helps me to stay calmer between my sessions, too."